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Jubilate Deo 2015

On the 18th April, 2015 the Ghana Methodist Students Union Choir, KNUST held its annual Jubilate Deovconcert at the CCB Auditorium.

One of the more recognised choirs on the Tech campus, they pulled a good crowd expecting to be entertained, or in the view of GHAMSU Choir, ministered unto. They were not disappointed. Opening the night was NUPS-G (National Union of Presbyterian Students – Ghana) Choir. Who enchanted an audience which may have been slightly irked by the 45 minute late commencement of the program before the main attraction took the stage. Resplendent in purple choir robes, GHAMSU begun with the first package of songs which featured hymns from John Rutter and interesting arrangements with rare saxophone and trumpet accompaniments.

The Catholic Philharmonic Choir, based in Kumasi, took over as the GHAMSU prepared for their second package featuring selected songs from Haydn’s Creation, GHAMSU begun the second package in angelic looking white gowns and traditional styled shirts for the men which combined with the stage to look reminiscent of heaven. Achieved and Sing the Lord, not for the last time, earned rapturous applause.

The alumni would not be outdone as they sang “Mensiden”, transitioning into popular anthems like Handel’s Sing unto God. After a short spoken word and word ministration, the GHMASU Choir for a final time awed the audience with their selection of local anthems and highlife songs, bringing a wonderful evening to an all too short yet perfect ending. With their wonderful responsiveness and subtle dynamics in spite of their large number, GHMASU Choir could only win tonight in what was arguably the biggest event in choral music this year in Kwame Nkrumah University of Technology, Kumasi.

Indeed they showed as the Protestant Chaplain said, “Methodism was born in song!”