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Reflection on the Last Four Months

It’s been a thrilling first four months of Choral Music Ghana’s life.

This project was started on a whim one morning at the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology. That’s where I’ve worked for the past two years, writing software and running several entrepreneurial projects with the hope of raising funding for a startup in Ghana.

At this point I’ll shamelessly promote the company I’ve been working on since January this year. We’re We sell online church member management software to churches in Ghana. We’re looking to expand throughout the West African sub region (Nigeria, are you there?) and hopefully, get funding in June to expand our fledgling operations. Wish us luck!

Cheryl Tetteh has been my co-conspirator since we met in 2009 at KNUST. We’ve been friends for a while, worked on school projects together, but we’ve never had something this monumental. We share a lot in common: we both write, sing, hope to make music someday and feel the need that some resource for the discovery of all that’s happening in choral music in Ghana is necessary.

Preliminary work on Choral Music Ghana began while I was in hospital in December last year. At the beginning of 2015, Cheryl and I rolled out our plan for making this project real. Our intention was to gather information from prominent choirs in the country to populate a database (not so different from IMDb) so discovering choirs in the country will be easy as pie. Indeed, what we initially set out to do with Choral Music Ghana was to create a database of choirs.

Plans evolved however and, in addition to speaking to choirs we found ourselves attending more concerts than ever. To make our visits beneficial to an audience we hoped to grow, the idea of live-tweeting was introduced. So far, we’ve covered over six concerts in Accra, Kumasi and Tarkwa, tweeting updates from the program as they happen, with pictures and thirty-second videos.

Our outreach to choirs continued with a shift in focus. Instead of meeting the choirs to get information to fill a database, we chose to build close, information-sharing relationships with them. The point of this was to gather enough content to publish online. If you know of the Gramophone UK website, you’ll have a good idea of what Choral Music Ghana will likely become.

Just an aside – watch out for the activities of Gramophone Ghana, a record company we’ll be working closely with in the near future. Theophil, the founder, is a great guy!

Our organisation has grown from two enthusiasts to five eager choristers dedicated to promoting the appreciation of Ghanaian choral and classical music online. We have Edward Oppong Kusi, Jermaine Kudiabor and Harry Ballard on our team now. Harry is the latest member of Choral Music Ghana. He’s a music student at the University of Ghana, a blogger and works as our Legon representative, reporting on choral music events on Legon campus.

In the last four months, we’ve met some of the most amazing choirs and entrepreneurs in Ghanaian choral music. The most inspiring so far has been Mr. Victor Lokko. He’s the founder of Laudate Chorale, a choir on a mission to change the sound of Catholic liturgical music in the country. We hope to share Victor’s inspiring story later this year.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be updating this website with more exciting content for those of us who love choral and classical music. It’s been a wonderful four months. It will only get better.

Keep listening to good music,

The Editor-in-Chief,

Choral Music Ghana