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James Varrick Armaah

27th April 1984 -

Wildly popular musician. Composer of 'Oye'. founder of Harmonious Chorale. Formerly with the Winneba Youth Choir.

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James Varrick Armaah was born in Winneba, into a musical family. His father a choir master of the Winneba A.M.E Zion Cathedral and his mother a chorister.

From a very young age, his talent for music was obvious. He was known to memorise all four parts of songs being taught at choir rehearsals. At age seven he started composing for his colleagues at Sunday School. He started playing the church organ when he was eleven.

James became the principal organist for the Winneba Youth Choir from 2000 to July 2007. He worked with Paa John, the choir's director, to lift the image of WYC. It has since become one of Ghana's leading choirs.

He founded Harmonious Chorale after leaving the Winneba Youth Choir. Today, he is wildly popular in Ghanaian contemporary music, and is one of the foremost personalities shaping the face of choral music in the country.

Selected Works by James Varrick Armaah

Title Type
Oye Choral Hilife
Odo bi ntise wo Choral
Hosanna Choral
Mo Mma Yenkodi Choral
Holy Holy Holy Choral
Odo Mmroso Choral
Hosanna Choral
M'akomaso Ade Choral
Come Thou Fount Choral
Mo wo nsa so Choral
Minsi Den Choral
Meda n'a se Choral
Happy Day Choral
Odo bi ntise wo Choral

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